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A New Diet For a Baby

 by: Yana Mikheeva

It seems nothing else can be invented in this eternal sphere of baby’s nutrition. Juices, fruits, semolina… However, science moves forward. Unfortunately, ecology too. There’re more and more babies today, who cannot bear protein food that we think is so necessary for a growing organism. But, alas, almost all babies don’t “accept” cow's milk now, and many of them even “refuse” from the most hypoallergic one – soy milk. Now even formulas for premature babies are prepared with minimum protein.

It is proved that great protein load while the first year of life leads to adiposity, cardio-sclerosis, nephritic pathologies and hypertension in future. We have quite opposite attitude to classic babies’ paps now. Substances, damaging a baby’s alimentary canal were found in them.

So, scientists have to re-invent a baby formula again and again. These changes touched not only modern adapted milk formulas, but also supplementary feeding – the first “adult” food in a baby’s ration. So, alas, we have to refuse from old approved methods and meet new ones.

First of all, let’s talk about changes in a routine of feeding. It’s not a secret today that inner biological clock of a human organism is highly individual. And as all people are divided into “larks” and “owls” according to a routine of sleep, as every one of us has own periods of highest intellectual and physical activity and slackness, pain resistance etc. These external displays are conditioned by work of internals: nervous, locomotive, immune systems, and, of course, digestion system. We, adult people, eat not according to a routine, but when we want, not thinking about all these difficulties. And, as it turns out, it’s right.

However, we’ve been refusing our babies in this right for a long time. We nursed them according to a strict schedule, in spite of the fact that a baby had just fallen asleep and just didn’t want to eat. Of course, such training can teach to a routine. But whether this forced regulation of bio-clock according to a formal schedule will be good for a baby? And the damage is clear: a baby eats unwillingly and little, and in “untimely” hours he feels hunger and problems with digestion begin…   (continued...)

A New Diet For a Baby
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Yana Mikheeva,