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Alternative Ways of Naming a Baby
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You can hold a family gathering at your own home or a hired venue near home at which the baby is named. You can do this yourself, have a senior member of the family perform the naming, or bring someone in to hold a formal ceremony.

The Baby Naming Society will help you to put on a religious or non-religious ceremony. For a small fee they will provide:

• A personalized script from a choice of ceremonies;

• A short program which can be copied for your guests;

• A certificate for you to keep as a memento of the service;

• Copies of readings chosen from the Society's selection.

Another source worth looking at is the British Humanist Association where you will be able to get similar advice. The BHA is a non-religious organization. A helpful book, New Arrivals, is available. Contact them at

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Alternative Ways of Naming a Baby
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