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Baby Food: Healthy Choices You Make That Matter To Baby
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You can find a wide variety of baby food as well as other baby products at For convenience sake, I would buy bottled baby food for my baby. I would use a clean spoon to take out baby's portion for 1 meal and refrigerate the rest. A microwave oven would heat up that meal nicely. Anything not consumed in 3 days would be thrown away. Don't have a microwave oven? With that baby in tow, you will need one. You can get it at .

I would also have a ready supply of dry cereal baby food. Those are really convenient as all you have to do is to add warm milk or water and baby's meal is ready to be served.

You can also make your own baby food. For that, you need a baby food maker. Food mills you can get from are ideal. Just boil the veggies, then use the food mill to transform into a smooth paste. You can soften it or make it more liquid by adding breast milk or formula milk or water, whichever baby prefers.

If you need some baby food recipes, or are new to this, get the baby food kits from These are handy.

One thing though, baby's immunity isn't as strong as ours, so you have to be very careful about hygiene when you prepare the food. I would sterilize everything I can that comes into contact with baby's food, to keep everything as sterile as possible.

Whether you get ready made baby food or make your own, this is the time to steer your baby towards healthy food. The tastes developed now can make a major difference in the future.

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Janice Wee is the webmaster of which covers what you need when you have a baby.

Baby Food: Healthy Choices You Make That Matter To Baby
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