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Baby Shower Cakes - More Than Just Dessert

 by: Debbie Pettitt

A baby shower is a way for family and friends to celebrate the expected arrival of a new baby with the parents-to-be. It is a joyous occasion and fun for all! But hosting a great baby shower takes some real planning. A very important part of the planning process is the cake. Every baby shower needs a cake, but the cake can serve as more than just a dessert--it can also double as a decoration, even a centerpiece!

Most baby showers have a theme, and the entire party is based on that theme. The cake is no exception and should also follow whatever theme you've chosen. If you're talented and can bake and decorate a cake (or know someone who can), you may want to have a home-made cake. Or you can order one from a bakery, making sure you place your order in plenty of time for the shower.

Once you've decided whether it will be home-made or store-bought, you will need to decide what type of cake to have. There are many different varieties of baby shower cakes to choose from. Some of them are listed below:

· Angelfood cake

· Butter cake

· Butterfly cake

· Carrot cake

· Cheesecake

· Chocolate cake

· Chiffon cake

· Cupcake

· Devil's food cake

· Fruit cake

· Gingerbread

· Ice cream cake

· Mooncake

· Pineapple upside down cake

· Pound cake

· Spice cake

· Sponge cake

Then there's the filling to consider:

· more icing

· different flavors of fruit preserves

· pudding

· custard

· whipped cream

· jams

· peanut butter

· pure chocolate

Not only should you consider what type of cake to have but also how you might be able to decorate the cake in a way that will make the baby shower celebration more special. Here are some ideas:   (continued...)

Baby Shower Cakes - More Than Just Dessert
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About The Author

Copyright 2006 by Debbie Pettitt who is webmaster for Baby Showers Made Simple, bringing you the latest information and resources to assist you in planning and hosting the most incredible baby shower!