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Business Parties & Baby Showers
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Giving gifts at business parties can be creative and fun, too. Tie in themed gifts with the rest of the party. For example, give colorful Hawaiian apparel for baby and parents (matching tie-dyed t-shirts and flip-flops). Assemble or buy a nice baby gift basket choc full of stuff for baby like lotion, shampoo, booties, toys, blankets, etc. And box up some family fun with movie rental coupons, boxes of microwave popcorn, candy bars, coloring books, crayons, markers, tablets and yoyos for siblings.

1. Use wrapping paper that matches your party theme.

2. Add silly trinkets that match the theme to package tags and ribbons.

3. Attach a themed gift card that everyone signs

So join in the merry-making. Plan or at least attend the next business bash and have fun!

About The Author

Andy Henry is a marketing consultant working with small businesses in a variety of sectors. is dedicated to bringing high-quality gift baskets to the world.

Business Parties & Baby Showers
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