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Choosing a Safe Babysitter
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Once you've hired someone you and your child can agree on, make sure to go over the rules, such as no smoking in front of the child or in the home if you desire. Make sure to tell them to limit phone usage and no visitors. It's your child they're supposed to look after. Make sure to go over bed time, T.V. and other rules. Stress these rules.

If you're planning to use a babysitter long-term, make sure to check for signs of abuse, just to be on the safe side. Has your child had a change in behavior recently? Does your child show signs of fear or distress when you mention the babysitter? Have your child's eating habits changed? Are there bruises or cuts or other injuries that you can't explain? If so, you should confront the sitter immediately! If necessary, you should call your local law enforcement agency.

The person who keeps your child should care for your child as if they were an extra parent. They should love and respect the child, and care for them as if they were their own. Use care when selecting a sitter, and make sure it's a choice you can all agree with!

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Choosing a Safe Babysitter
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