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Crafts for Baby Shower Decorating
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4) Baby shower candles - Another fine idea for baby shower crafts is making themed candles. A simple way to do this is get some cookie cutters or molds shaped in baby themed items, like rubber ducks or teddy bears. Instead of cookie batter, fill the molds with hot wax and insert wick. The candles can also be painted and make great decorations for the dinner table.

5) Banners and streamers - You can design your own banners and streamers for baby showers. With a graphics program on your computer, play around with different colors and fonts to see which ones look best. You can save your artwork to disk and take it to your local printer to have them print out full size banners. For an added touch, attach pacifiers or mini pacifiers to the banners when you hang them around the walls.

There are so many great ideas for making your own baby shower decorations and gifts. With just a little time and effort, you can make your baby shower a memorable occasion.

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Crafts for Baby Shower Decorating
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