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Getting Around: Baby's Sixth Month Guide
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What you can do:

  • Wipe his face often to remove the drool.

  • Give him a clean, cold rubber teething ring to bite on.

  • Contact the doctor if he develops fever.

Making home a safe place…

With your six-month-old baby at home, childproofing becomes essential. Do install and maintain smoke detectors. Check that baby's bassinet has smooth surfaces and a snug, well-fitting, non-fluffy mattress. Ensure that furniture has no sharp protrusions. You could have all emergency numbers pasted near the telephone and with your doctor's advice, assemble a small first-aid kit for baby.

With all that moving around, baby finds things which vacuum cleaners miss and puts them into her little mouth! Never leave baby unattended except when asleep in her crib or in her playpen.

At the doctor's…

At the regular well-baby exam you will find that baby has doubled her birthweight. Always keep baby's immunization up-to-date.

Each child is special in his or her own way, and your baby will always be a source of amazement for her parents.

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Getting Around: Baby's Sixth Month Guide
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