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Getting To Know Your Baby: Baby's Second Month Guide
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Whether to use a dummy or pacifier is a tough choice to make. Make sure baby's nursing patterns are well established before you do use one.

Hello Doctor

A regular well-baby check-up is scheduled in baby's second month. Your doctor will allay any doubts you have and discuss safety issues like placing baby on her back to sleep, the need for an infant car seat and all the other questions you have.

Your baby will get oral polio drops and some shots this month, most probably a combination of the triple antigen, Influenza and Hepatitis B. These shots usually cause a little fever, which can make some babies cranky. Your doctor will prescribe a fever medication for your baby.

Daddy's girl too!

Dads can involve themselves in every aspect of childcare though they tend to do most things differently. Dad holds baby in his own way, perhaps a little too firmly, but she loves it!

Baby's second month sees her turning from a cute unresponsive newborn into a tiny interactive person. Watch your little bundle of joy grow and learn a host of things along the way.

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Getting To Know Your Baby: Baby's Second Month Guide
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