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Great Appetizers for Baby Showers and Other Parties

 by: Criss White

One of the biggest challenges for planning a baby shower or any other party is picking the right food. Appetizers and snacks are great for all types of parties, big and small. Here are some delicious appetizer ideas that you can make yourself or buy for your party:

1) Stuffed Mushrooms - Stuffed mushrooms are a tasty treat for any party. Larger mushroom caps of course are better and you can be creative with your stuffing choices. Some popular ingredient choices are cheese, bacon, and breadcrumbs.

2) Cheese and Crackers - Cheese and crackers are a simple snack idea for any party. This snack is also great for health conscious people. For upscale occasions, cheese logs or gourmet cheese balls can be used.

3) Fruit Platter - Another healthy and simple idea is fruit salad or a fruit platter. These platters can contain canned fruits, fresh fruits, or a mix of both. Some popular choices are apples, pears, grapes, and strawberries. Add in marshmallows or raisins if desired.

4) Chips and Dip - Chips and dip are a good idea for any party. Tortilla chips and potato chips are both popular and salsa, sour cream, cheese dips, and artichoke dips are great for parties.

5) Mini Sandwich Squares - Sandwiches are easy to make. The bread can also be buttered, seasoned, and toasted if desired. Apply any toppings you like and then cut the sandwich into bite-sized squares. Then stick a toothpick into each square and place them on a nice tray.   (continued...)

Great Appetizers for Baby Showers and Other Parties
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About The Author

Criss White is a professional web writer on baby and new mother topics for baby and pregnancy websites. For related products, go to Baby Shower Recipes ( and Baby Shower Candy Wrappers ( Note: If you find this article useful, you may reprint it on your website, e-zine, or in your newsletter as long as the credits above remain in tact and the hyperlinks stay active.