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How To Throw The Best Baby Shower In 3 Easy Steps

 by: Linda Harrison

Here’s a really simple way to throw the best baby shower possible and really wow your friends and family members. Throwing a winning baby shower shouldn’t be more work than it needs to be. However, there are 3 steps to follow to the letter to ensure that the baby shower is special for everyone involved. Sticking to these 3 steps will make sure that your baby shower goes off without a hitch and that you can sleep in peace knowing that you did everything right.

1. Use balloons to greet your guests. Get some nice balloons and attach them to the outside of your door. Humans are fantastically simple creatures that can be easily entertained by a festive atmosphere. For a lot of people, balloons symbolize a party or some other great celebration. Balloons can be picked up relatively cheaply and always add a great touch to a baby shower. After all, what’s a party without balloons? Pick some nice ones up and use ‘em. People like balloons.   (continued...)

How To Throw The Best Baby Shower In 3 Easy Steps
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Linda Harrison is the Author of “Baby Shower Do’s and Don’ts.” Grab your free copy at