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How to Write Your Own Baby Shower Verses

 by: Criss White

A poem or verse is a literary composition used to express emotions or ideas using literary techniques like rhyme and metaphor. Although there are no set rules for creating poetry, these tips will help you create your own baby shower verses:

1) Often, a one-line verse may be all you need. Short verses are good for personalized gifts where there is limited space, like engraved candles or personalized gift tags. An easy way to create an effective verse is to have a word in the middle rhyme with a word at the end of the verse.

2) If the baby already has a name, then their name can potentially be used in the verse. The new parents' names can also be used if desired. Try to write down as many words that rhyme with the selected name, then construct a verse.

3) Four line verses are quite popular for baby shower poems. The easiest form of such poetry is to have the second and fourth line rhyme. To brainstorm, try to write down as many baby related words that you can think of, and then try to write down rhyming words. Two or three verses will make a nice sized poem for invitations and birth announcements.   (continued...)

How to Write Your Own Baby Shower Verses
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