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Managing Fatigue After Your Baby Is Born
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Having some help around the house can be a godsend. My husband took two weeks off work after our daughter was born, and it was wonderful. He totally focused on taking care of the both of us, making me feel much less guilty about getting some rest. But, even if you can’t have someone with you full time, there are certainly people in your life that would be glad to come and spend some time helping you out with the baby and with household chores.

Take a shower and get dressed

Sounds crazy, I know, since all you feel like doing is lying in bed in your bathrobe. But, if you get up in the morning and get dressed for the day, fixing your hair and makeup the way you normally would, it’s likely to leave you feeling more like your old self.

Eat and eat well

You may not really feel like it, but getting back to a healthy diet as soon as you are able will help you regain your strength. Drink plenty of fluids, to reduce swelling and help you get your system functioning normally again.

Finally, slow down and enjoy. The time will come, and very soon, when you won’t believe your baby was ever this small. So, just rest and enjoy this special time, and let your body heal.

About The Author

Sarah Veda is a 41 year old wife and mother of two boys and one girl. She spent many years as a manager in the corporate world, and gave it up to be a stay at home mom. Go to now and get her incredible baby minicourse – absolutely free.

Managing Fatigue After Your Baby Is Born
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