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Mommy & Baby: Styles Of Parenting
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These concepts might not seem very different from the child-centered approach to parenting, but the results of the two methods are starkly different. Parents have the freedom to meet their child’s needs and look ahead to developing skills and abilities, as they aren’t catering to every fleeting whim or fancy a child might express. Sitters are okay for the family, as the parents will take time out to “date” and be intentional with each other. Because a baby raised in a family-centered plan understands that she is part of a team, she will learn “we-ism,” not “me-ism.” She will consider others as she grows and how her goals and needs can be met within the framework of a team—without compromising the others on the team.

You may know people on either side of these parenting styles who go overboard. That’s not what I’m advocating here; a balance must be achieved. Remember these things:

 Life doesn’t stop because you have a baby

 Date your spouse

 Continue those loving gestures you enjoyed before your baby came along

 Invite some friends over for food and fellowship

 At the end of each day, spend 15 minutes sitting with your spouse, discussing the day’s events

About The Author

Kirsten Hawkins is a baby and parenting expert specializing new mothers and single parent issues. Visit for more information on how to raising healthy, happy children.

Mommy & Baby: Styles Of Parenting
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