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Scrapbook Ideas for Your Baby Album - Part 1

 by: Lisa Fleming

A scrapbook album of your baby’s first year is one of the most special albums you’ll ever complete. There are so many magical memories, beginning with the pregnancy itself and continuing right through your baby’s first birthday. Below are a number of scrapbook page ideas to help you capture those precious moments.

Title Page

A great way to start the album is by matting a 5”x7” or 8”x10” of your baby’s hospital photo on the first page. Then add the baby's name and birthdate as the title and subtitle respectively. This makes a very simple yet very beautiful page.

Baby on the Way

How did you celebrate the news that your baby was on the way? Maybe it was a quiet dinner just for you and your husband or a gathering with family and friends. Either way, remember to include some pictures of the celebration. Capture peoples’ reactions to the annoucement in photos. In addition, you may even want to take a picture of the pregnancy test showing the positive results.

The Ultrasound

If you had multiple ultrasounds during your pregnancy, include pictures from different points in time so you can see how your baby was growing. You may also want to include one that shows the graph of the heartbeat. In addition to journaling about the ultrasound pictures, this is a great place to journal about any nicknames you may have had for your baby before it was born.

The Belly

Starting at three months, when the pregnancy “bulge” is just barely noticeable, have someone take a monthly side-view picture of you. Pose in front of the same background each time so that the pictures are consistent. Try to fit all of the photos on one page (or a two-page spread), so you can really appreciate the month-by-month progression.

The Nursery

Include photos of the nursery all ready and waiting for baby; take pictures from different angles to show everything in the room. Be sure to include pictures of anything that has special meaning such as a bassinet that has been in the family for multiple generations, a special blanket made by Grandma, etc. Also, if you have one, include a photo to show what the room was before it became a nursery.

Welcome Baby

Those first pictures taken of your baby after the birth are some of the most precious ones you’ll ever have. Rememer to include your baby being weighed, having his/her footprints done, being examined, getting a bath, etc. You can put memorabilia such as the footprint card, bassinet name tag and baby id bracelet on these pages. Include key information/statistics in your journaling – baby’s full name, date, day, time, weight, length, details about your labor, name of the doctor/midwife, etc.

Mom, Dad and Baby

It's wonderful to have a page with pictures of just the three of you – Mom, Dad and Baby – and then include siblings, grandparents, etc. on other pages. Journal about how you felt upon meeting your baby for the first time, whether your baby resembled anyone in the family, how your baby reacted to hearing your voice, etc.

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Scrapbook Ideas for Your Baby Album - Part 1
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About The Author

Lisa Fleming is an avid scrapbooker and the owner of Scrapbook Town, LLC. Scrapbook Town is a scrapbooking website that has scrapbook supplies, ideas and information. You can visit Scrapbook Town at