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Scrapbook Ideas for Your Baby Album - Part 2

 by: Lisa Fleming

This is the second part of a two part article about scrapbook page ideas for your baby album. You may also want to read Scrapbook Ideas for Your Baby Album – Part 1.”

Baby’s First Bath

As soon as the "belly button" falls off, it's time for the first real bath. In addition to taking pictures of your baby in the cute, little bathtub, be sure to take one of him/her all swaddled in the hooded towel after the bath is over. And in your journaling you can write about how old your baby was and his/her reaction to the bath.

Baby’s First Trip

Whether it's a day trip to Grandma and Grandpa's house, a weekend getaway or even a full blown vacation, baby’s first trip is a significant milestone to preserve. Regardless of where you go on this first trip, your baby will encounter many new new sights, sounds, smells, people, etc. Journal about how your baby reacts to these new and different surroundings.

Baby’s First Solid Food

The first time your baby tries solid food is a fun event to capture in photos. The facial expressions are priceless. Things to journal about include what the food was, how much your baby ate and your baby's reaction. When your baby is older, take some pictures of him/her feeding himself/herself pasta with tomato sauce. A messy tomato sauce face is quite a sight!

Baby’s First Tooth

Although a toothless grin is absolutely adorable, it is exciting to see that first pearly white poking through. Once it’s visible enough to be seen in photos, take some great close-up shots for your scrapbook album. Note in your journaling the date the tooth first poked through and the date the photos were taken.

Baby’s First Step

While it’s often difficult to capture your baby’s very first step on camera, you’ll certainly get lots of photos of those very early steps. Try putting them in sequential order – from letting go of the furniture to taking those wobbling steps to landing on a diapered bottom – to show your baby’s progress across the floor.

Baby’s First Easter

Depending on how old your baby is for his/her first Easter, here are some ideas for what to include in your scrapbook album: dyeing Easter eggs, visiting the Easter Bunny, going on an egg hunt, opening his/her Easter basket, finding eggs hidden by the Easter Bunny, and preparing/eating Easter dinner.

Baby’s First Mother’s Day/Father’s Day

The first Mother's Day/Father's Day with your baby is, of course, very special. And you'll certainly take lots of photos of Mommy/Daddy with Baby. In addition to journaling about how you spent the day, it's interesting to journal about what you were doing and feeling on the previous Mother's Day/Father's Day. Maybe you were pregnant and received gifts from your baby-to-be. Maybe you didn't have any idea that you would be a parent in a year. Either way, it's fun to reminisce about what a difference a year makes.

Baby’s First Halloween

Depending on how old your baby is for his/her first Halloween, you may or may not put them in a costume. If they're in a costume then of course you'll take lots of pictures of them all dressed-up. If they're very young, putting them next to a very large pumpkin makes for an adorable photo. Remember to include pictures of your pumpkin picking trip, too.

Baby’s First Thanksgiving   (continued...)

Scrapbook Ideas for Your Baby Album - Part 2
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About The Author

Lisa Fleming is an avid scrapbooker and the owner of Scrapbook Town. Scrapbook Town is a scrapbooking website that has scrapbook supplies, ideas and information. You can visit Scrapbook Town at