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Special Occasion Baby Wear
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Naming ceremonies appear in the practices of many religions and nationalities. The practice dates to ancient times when a new life was considered to be a gift from the gods. In most modern naming ceremonies there is no specific required outfit, with the appropriate attire for the child being a white or pale blue suit or gown of silk or some other fine fabric. Due to the delicacy, expense, and significance of these articles, they are seldom worn more than the one time.


Some Christian denominations do not practice the baptism of their children, holding the baptismal rite as a personal decision that a person makes once he or she has reached the age of accountability. This is typical of many evangelical denominations. In place of the christening or baptismal ceremony for an infant, the parents and child participate in a dedication ceremony before the members of the church. In most of these churches there is no required finery or attire for the infant, nor any specific traditional style, color, or design. Parents will still usually “dress up” the baby in formal-looking clothing designed for a baby. The attractiveness of these suits (for boys) and dresses (for girls) often elicits comments from the congregation regarding how adorable the little one looks all dressed in his or her Sunday Best.

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Special Occasion Baby Wear
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