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Start a College Fund for Your Baby- Now!

 by: Isaac Grauke

If you're like me, the last thing you'll be thinking about when changing your baby's diaper at 2 AM is, "I need to get this kid a college fund." Parenting is about love, attention, piggy back rides, and vitamins, right? Its true that most of us don't think about starting a college fund for our babies while they're still in diapers, but should we?

The truth is, college tuition is on the rise, and what if your baby wants to be a doctor or a lawyer? Sure, they could take out massive loans and hope to pay them off in ten years, but what if you could solve the problem with only $50 dollars a month?   (continued...)

Start a College Fund for Your Baby- Now!
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About The Author

Isaac Grauke is a contributor to Baby Trend,, an ezine with the latest on your baby's health, clothes, toys and gear. Plus- parenting and maternity for you!