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Throw a Great Baby Shower On a Budget
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Gifts: A great inexpensive but personal gift for new mom and baby are wooden letters that spell the baby’s name (if known). These are great for nursery decorations and sell at baby stores for about $10 per letter! You can make them for about $2 per letter. Simply purchase wooden letters that spell baby's name, acrylic paint, a foam paint brush and ribbon from your local craft store. Start by laying down newspaper on your work surface to protect it from any stray paint. Paint each letter starting with the front of each letter. Once the front dries, paint the back and then apply a second coat once the back is dry. Let the letters set for about an hour to ensure that they are dry. Next, cut ribbon into 5 inch strips (one for each letter). Loop the ribbon and hot glue the ends on the back of the letter. The ribbon will give mom a way to hang up the letters in the baby's nursery.

Extras: To make the mommy to be feel extra special on the day of the shower, give her a personalized gift. A great idea is an expecting t-shirt or button to wear during the shower. Find free printable iron on transfers for baby showers at The Craft Café.com. To make an iron on transfer simply purchase a t-shirt and some transfer paper at your local discount store. Print the transfer according to directions and iron on to the shirt for a quick and inexpensive gift for the new mom.

Find everything that you need to throw a great, inexpensive baby shower at The Craft Cafe.

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Throw a Great Baby Shower On a Budget
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