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Throwing a Baby Shower Your Guests Will Remember
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After the shower, give your guests something to remember it by. Candle holders in the shape of a baby item, such as a rattle or booties, are popular and easy to find online or in a party supply store. Other favor ideas include magnets or candies in a pretty gift box. Of course, let the favors flow from the theme. At "Tea Party" themed baby shower, guests might receive tea cups and saucers. At a "Pamper Party," an idea increasingly popular for mothers who already have several children and therefore most of the stuff they actually need, they might take home spa accessories such as a loofah or bubble bath.

Baby Shower Schedule

Typically, a baby shower will last approximately two hours. If a full meal will be served, be sure to indicate this on the invitation so guests can plan accordingly. Usually, however, some light appetizers, punch, and cake are all that is needed. The following is a general idea of a schedule.

As your guests arrive, serve them some appetizers, and let them sign a guest book. One idea is to make this an advice book, allowing each guest to write down one piece of advice they would give the new mother.

Serve simple appetizers. Two to three dishes is best, along with some cheese, crackers, chips, dip, and fruit. Some ideas for munchies that are easy and can be made ahead of time include:

Deviled Eggs: Add salsa and cheddar for a Mexican twist!

Stuffed Mushrooms

After all your guests have arrived, begin with everyone introducing themselves. This is especially important if this is a mixed shower, with coworkers, friends, and family. Make sure everyone mentions how they know the mother-to-be.

Next, play one or two games. These will serve as icebreakers. Some ideas include:

Baby Boggle - See how many baby related words guests can make in three minutes from a sentence such as "I can't believe [Mother-To-Be's Name] is going to have a baby!" or something else silly and fun. Everyone reads their list, crossing off duplicates, and the person with the most remaining wins.

Baby Box - Place some common baby items (rattle, diaper) in a box. Cut a small hand-sized hole in the side. Give each guest 20 seconds to touch as many items as they can (no peeking!), then have them write down what they felt. The person with the most correct wins.

Remember, short is good, and have fun!

If there is going to be a full meal, now is the time. Generally, a buffet is best, as the guests can eat while the mother-to-be opens her gifts. If there is not going to be a full meal, give everyone some time to get another round of appetizers, then have the guest of honor open her presents.

After the gifts are open, serve the cake. At this point, the shower is over. Everyone will socialize for as long as they'd like, and the guests will begin to leave. If the time is important (i.e. the host has somewhere she needs to be), be sure to put an end time of the invitations.

Hopefully this gave you enough baby shower ideas to begin brainstorming. Remember to have fun, and you'll throw a successful baby shower.

About The Author

Jennifer Barnett is a successful party planner providing valuable tips and advice on planning a baby shower that is inexpensive, fun for the guests with baby shower games, and choosing the perfect baby shower gift.

Throwing a Baby Shower Your Guests Will Remember
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