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What's In A Name: Naming Your Baby
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When you choose a name from the list of top ten pop stars of the year, you run a risk of making your child uncomfortable later in life. These 'stars' might soon become obscure or outdated or even worse infamous. If your last name were Anderson, would you want to name your child Pamela?

Family feelings

You don't get to name your baby everyday. So, do consider family feelings, but do not place them over your own.

Check how it sounds

In general, long last names go well with short first names and vice versa. For example, Rob Anderson is better than Jonathan Anderson. Just as Angelina Ben better than Ann Ben.

Ultimately, a name is a matter of personal choice. These tips are just to help you finalize on one of the names you have chosen. Go ahead and give your baby a name that is close to your heart, and chances are that she will love it too.

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What's In A Name: Naming Your Baby
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