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Your Little Chatterbox: Baby's Eighth Month Guide
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How you pine for the luxury of a few hours of sleep (If you still believe that word exists in your dictionary, of course!). It is crucial to develop and encourage your baby to sleep through the night, unless you want to turn into an irrevocable insomniac! Your eight month-old baby's life has just turned so exciting that he will be restless and unwilling to go to bed. Decide an appropriate time and routine for your baby to go to sleep and stick to it! Make him sleep in his own bed every time and let him realize you will be gone until morning. Baby's eighth month is the right time to try and make him more independent.


Did you observe your baby imitates everything you do? Move her hands gently to play pat-a-cake and try gestures. Peekaboo is an all-time favorite. Divert her attention to different sounds like a dog's bark, running water, and name the source of the sound to her.

House in a mess?

With an eight month-old baby around, it is tough to keep your house sparkling clean. You might hate the clutter your baby makes, but do give him the pleasure of making a mess. The more he explores and handles, the more he learns. You can always clear up later at the end of the day, and use this occasion to teach him a lesson in tidiness.

Pamper your eight month-old baby and enjoy every precious moment of his growing up.

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Your Little Chatterbox: Baby's Eighth Month Guide
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