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Are YOU Killing Your Baby?

 by: Kristine Peterson

Pretty harsh title isn’t it! Most of us parents make it a daily priority to keep our children safe from all sorts of hazards. We worry about the food they are eating, the beverages they drink, and if they are warm enough or cool enough. We teach them about not talking to strangers and how to cross a street safely. We teach them the hazards of drugs, smoking and drinking. But, even if you do all this, you could still be killing your child!

A couple very common preservatives found in baby shampoo are imidozliidinyl urea and diazolidinyl urea. These can cause dermatitis. Cosmetic talc is carcinogenic and is found in baby powders. Talc based powder has been linked to ovarian cancer! Propylene Glycol is reported to have SEVERE adverse effects on the health; dermatitis, allergies, kidney and liver damage to name a few. These are found in baby products such as wipes and lotions. Sodium Laurel, Lauryl or Laureth Sulfate, sodium dodecyl sulfate are skin irritants and reported as being toxic. They have a tendency to react with other ingredients to form carcinogenic nitrosamines. Studies have shown that these chemicals penetrate the eyes, heart, liver and brain. This is the main ingredient in shampoos, baby shampoos, and toothpaste!

Flame-retardants are another very harmful item! These have a chemical structure similar to dioxins and PCBs. They accumulate in the body and build up in the food chain. They may affect hormone function and be toxic to the developing brain! Because PBDEs dissolve readily in fat, they can accumulate in breast milk and be transferred to babies and young children! They have even been shown to cross the placenta and reach developing fetuses in utero! Flame-retardants can also be absorbed into the skin. Where do we find flame-retardants? On our mattresses, furniture, carpets, and some clothing for babies! So, when you put your baby to bed on that beautiful baby mattress you are exposing your baby to chemicals that could cause terrible health problems and possibly even death!   (continued...)

Are YOU Killing Your Baby?
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About The Author

Kristine Peterson

I am a health conscious individual that spends a lot of time researching different ways of thinking. It is important to me to think outside the box or the matrix if you will! I do not believe and accept everything I see, read, or hear. Some things I have found to be truths for my own life and those things I pass on to you. My maxims are "think for yourself" and "listen to your whole self, body, mind and soul!" I have found that if I do those two things I am always happy! The goal of my web site is to supply those of you that have made the choice to go natural with quality products!