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Bringing Up Baby: Communing With A Humpback Whale
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While I was thrilled that Baby had come so close, I wanted her to come out of the water so that I could get a picture. So I started to talk to her under my breath. It was that kind of day. “Come on, baby. Come up and play. You know you want to. Come up and play with me so that I can take your picture.”

Suddenly, I had the strongest sensation that not only was Baby coming up but that I knew where she would surface. I walked over to that spot and held my camera over the water and waited, and waited, and waited. Then, miraculously, there she was right in my camera lens. Time stood still as Baby and I checked each other out. Luckily I came out of my stupor as a little voice in my head reminded me to “click the button, stupid”.

Everyone on the catamaran was shouting and laughing at the same time. They were hoping that Baby would be back but I had a feeling that Baby had accomplished what she had intended for that day.

They say that Humpback whales are very susceptible to human emotions. Did Baby feel my playful exhortations and come up to play or was she just a curiously determined youngster with a very tolerant Mama? In the end, I don’t think it mattered. However, just in case it was the former, I sent out one last, heartfelt message. “Thank you, Baby. Thank you”.

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Bringing Up Baby: Communing With A Humpback Whale
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