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Business Parties & Baby Showers

 by: Andy Henry

People like to party. And those in the corporate world are no exception. Popular parties among them include baby showers and new arrival celebrations. And here are some party and gift giving ideas for both.

Party Planning Ideas

Office parties can focus on a variety of themes like game night or BINGO night. Or they can focus on locations like a Hawaiian luau. Others incorporate company outings like golf outing, go karts, miniature golf, an amusement park or theater setting. Regardless of the setting and focus, you can mix in your baby shower and new arrival celebration.

Once you get the background to set the stage for your party, coordinate activities, food & beverages, music and any other items you need to. Then you’re set to go. For example, your baby shower activities could include:

1. Baby BINGO – using baby terms

2. Baby golf – put to win baby apparel and toys, then donate to the new parent at the end.

3. Baby movie – book a theater and watch “Three Men and a Baby” or other baby-movie.

Gift Giving Ideas   (continued...)

Business Parties & Baby Showers
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About The Author

Andy Henry is a marketing consultant working with small businesses in a variety of sectors. is dedicated to bringing high-quality gift baskets to the world.