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Getting To Know Your Baby: Baby's Ninth Month Guide
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Your nine month-old baby is naturally curious about his surroundings and this is a crucial time to avoid accidents. Supervise your baby all the time especially if she is very resourceful. If you have not childproofed your house already, now is the time to act. Do pay special attention to avoid drowning hazards and electrical accidents. Protect your baby from being injured by sharp corners and remove all unstable furniture from the room. Install childproof locks on cabinets and doors and put up barrier gates at the stairs. Keep an emergency rescue number handy just in case.

Who is that?

Baby's ninth month is a time when she develops preferences for toys….and people. She does not like strangers handling her and wants mamma around her all the time. Never force your baby to interact with strangers. Give her a little time to warm up and she will surprise you by eventually getting over her stranger anxiety all by herself.

Visit the doctor regularly for well-baby exams and keep baby's immunization record up to date. A healthy baby is a happy baby.

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Getting To Know Your Baby: Baby's Ninth Month Guide
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