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Getting To Know Your Baby: Baby's Second Month Guide

 by: Michelle Higgins

Time has flown. Your little bundle of joy has been a part of your home for more than four weeks now. The new dad and mum are now more relaxed, confident, and really enjoy their new responsibilities (at least most of the time). Here are a few pointers on what to expect in baby's second month.

Semblance of order

Baby is no longer attached to mom's breast all the time. A feed every 2-3 hours usually keeps her satisfied.

Spitting of milk after a feed is normal. Make sure you burp your baby after every feed.

Your two month-old baby most probably now sleeps 3-4 hours between nighttime feedings. She has definite waking hours during the day, which means mom and dad too can work out a routine.

She knows you!

In baby's second month, she focuses her eyes better, and can follow an object in an arc about six to eight inches from her face. She does not actually recognize your face, but definitely knows your touch, scent and voice. When you coo to her or talk in gentle soothing tones, she starts to make babbling sounds in response.

She enjoys smiling faces, smiles in return, and has a whole range of facial expressions.

I am a big(ger) girl now!

Baby has lost some of her early reflexes and has more control over her movements now. When placed on her stomach she can lift her head for brief periods. If your baby sucks her fists and fingers, let her enjoy the activity. It is too early to picture your two month-old walking to school with her thumb in her mouth.

Bath time can be playtime for your two-month old baby. Trimming baby's nails is best done after a bath (with tiny scissors/infant nail clippers).

To use or not to use

If you plan to introduce the bottle, baby's second month is the perfect time. Breast may be best. But if you have milk supply issues or have to go back to work, bottle-feeding might be necessary. A combination of both can work well too.   (continued...)

Getting To Know Your Baby: Baby's Second Month Guide
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