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Goodbye My BULLIED Baby
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I can assure the bully that memories of their playground days will come back to haunt them. You will grow up hating yourself. No doubt you have nice side so put it to use to gain friends not enemies.

The next blow you cast could be fatal.

Parents check daily for signs of abuse, you may notice a change in personality marks like bruising or cuts. Look for ripped clothing or money going missing, your child may be funding the bully's pocket. This is a fragile situation so handle with care, we do not want the child to feel they are being bullied by their own flesh and blood.

Offsprings leave and marry and unfortunately abuse may continue. Parents are not immortal so when the time comes to leave our kids to defend for them selves is out of our control.

Put a protection plan into force today with online education. Today' society is about survival. By giving your child a decent education they get to make decisions for them selves not have them made by others.

Online education is the only way forward and if your child feels that enough is enough and wants to make a stand then the art of self defence can be found online too.

Want revenge on the playground bully without using violence. Then success is the sweetest revenge and if that means more education on how to excel then sweet is sweeter than sweet.

About The Author

Kacy Carr

Facing up to a bully is hard but the right education behind you on how to tackle an imbecile is a great start. By learning the art of self defence you can tackle any bully.. Want results

Goodbye My BULLIED Baby
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