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How to Make a Quick, Easy Baby Album
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Include a special folder or sleeve behind each page of your scrapbook

to place the unused photos and mementos. This way you can keep them

within easy reach and add pages to your scrapbook easily at a later time.

Make sure you write the date and place the photos were taken on the

back of the picture or on the folder.

When creating each page of your scrapbook, remember that you can add

extra pages containing amusing notes or special occasions as you see fit.

There is no right or wrong way to make a scrapbook of your baby's first


Include the photos and events that are the most special to you

and keep extras handy in the event you want to add to your scrapbook


About The Author

Vera Raposo has been scrapbooking since her oldest child was 5. With tons of scrapbooking tips and ideas, Vera is now sharing some of her best scrapbooking ideas for your new baby in her newsletter

How to Make a Quick, Easy Baby Album
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