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I'm Finally a Baby
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He told them how certain things in the home interfered

with mom’s body. They talked about cleaning products,

and wall paper, and sofas. He said the body can’t work

right if the body is polluted by stuff in the house.

He kept using the term “Environmental Estrogens”. He

said these estrogens interfered with the estrogens

that were in her body already. I didn’t understand.

Mom did.

He found out that their biggest environmental estrogen

came from mold in their basement. Some kind of water

leak, he said.

He told them, “If you can’t drink it, don’t spray it.”

That was the Rule of Thumb when buying cleaning products

or having someone work with your home’s environment.

So they changed their cleaning products, did things

all natural, and cleaned out the mold in their home.

They got all the doctor’s medicines and chemicals out

of mom’s body. The people who cleaned out the mold

were willing to drink their mold removal material in

front of my parents. They said it tasted horrible but

was perfectly safe.

They told my parents that most mold removing things

did more damage to the body than the mold.

Well, two months later, the supervisor came by my

seat and said “get ready.”

It was TIME!

My name is Heather. The doctors say I’m perfectly


I still remember that phrase, “If you can’t drink

it, don’t spray it.”

Happy Birthday!

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I'm Finally a Baby
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