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Mommy & Baby: Weight Gain & Failure To Thrive
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Infant’s side

  • Weak sucking

  • Improper sucking

    • Tongue-thrusting, pushing the nipple out of her mouth

    • Protruding tongue, her tongue will form a hump in her mouth, interfering with latching on

    • Tongue-sucking, she sucks her own tongue and not on the nipple

  • An underlying medical problem (if you suspect something, talk to your pediatrician immediately)

    Getting the help you need

    Lactation consultants can be very helpful in resolving issues related to latching on or inverted nipples, both of which can cause a problem with nursing. Allow the consultant to observe your baby nursing and note if there are problems in position, latching, or something else. Do not permit the consultant to dissuade you from your flexible routine if that’s what you’ve decided to do for your family. Remember: if flexible routines were unhealthy, NICUs wouldn’t use them for the most vulnerable of babies—preemies.

    If you determine that your nursing difficulties cannot be solved or are more stressful on you as mommy than what you need, do not feel guilty about switching to a bottle. It is more important that your baby receive nutrition to grow and thrive than to fit someone else’s ideal of motherhood.

    About The Author

    Kirsten Hawkins is a baby and parenting expert specializing new mothers and single parent issues. Visit for more information on how to raising healthy, happy children.

    Mommy & Baby: Weight Gain & Failure To Thrive
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