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Ouch! Baby's First Shots
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Polio, an infection with serious complications like paralysis can be averted by the IPV vaccine or Oral polio drops.

Your child might also be given the varicella vaccine for chickenpox and annual flu shots to thwart influenza.

Confirm the immunization schedule with your doctor, since it may vary in different countries. Maintain an immunization card for your baby to know which shot is due, when. Marking those important dates on your calendar ensures you don't forget them.

You will also need this record when you enroll your child in a baby-care center or school.

What about immunization side effects?

Most babies will only have minor immunization side effects like fever, soreness at the injection site or mild rash. An ice pack applied to the site will reduce the swelling. You doctor might prescribe acetaminophen or ibuprofen to reduce fever and pain.

Serious allergic reactions are very rare and occur within minutes to hours of the shot. Call your doctor immediately if you observe any difficulty in breathing, wheezing, fainting, weakness, hives or excessive crying.

Vaccinations may be an unpleasant experience for your baby (more so for you), but a few tears now will go a long way in keeping her healthy all her life.

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Ouch! Baby's First Shots
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