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Parenting: Strategies to Get Your Baby to Sleep
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Here are several things you can do to establish a bedtime routine.

* Bathe the baby during the early evening. This can help the baby sleep longer at night. Which means you can enjoy uninterrupted sleep as well.

* Start bedtime with a story or a lullaby followed by hugs and cuddles. You might want to feed the baby, give her more cuddles and then put her to bed.

* Lower the lights, but don’t make it completely dark. In time, the baby will come to associate the lowered lights with sleep-time.

* Try not to vary the routine. Have the same people involved and do things in the same order every night. That way, the baby understands that it’s time to sleep.

* Many babies will fuss and try to avoid going to sleep. Despite that, make sure there’s a certain finality to your routine. The baby will eventually understand that no matter how great the pre-sleep routine was, it always ends with her going to sleep.

Follow these simple parenting guidelines and you will very likely reduce a lot of the stress that goes with getting baby to sleep.

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Parenting: Strategies to Get Your Baby to Sleep
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