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Points To Ponder When Selecting Baby Crib

 by: Robert Thatcher

A baby crib is your baby’s first furniture. It is the only item in the world that you are intending to leave your baby unattended for periods of time. That is the more reason to buy only cribs that are safest. The baby crib will also be the place where your child will be spending most of the time. Cribs are expected to be of use until the child is about two to three years old when the baby is prepared to be sleeping in a real bed.

Baby crib standards for manufacture have been at work since 1973. Old cribs therefore should already be discarded in favor of the newer designs that meet safety standards. Parents are lavish when it comes to providing for their children. And so it is expected that parents will want the best baby crib. You can always opt to buy the most expensive baby crib and parents whenever they can afford it will always try their hardest to provide for their children what they think is best.

The best for your child is not necessarily mean the expensive kind as features has to take a back seat when it comes to safety. There are standards that should be observed when selecting a baby crib.


The Consumers Products Safety Commission has mandatory safety standards and good baby crib manufacturer subject each crib to tests before they put it out into the market. Any crib therefore that is in circulation should have the seal of passing the mandatory standards.

All finishes, paints, stains, lacquer etc. must be lead free. Baby’s love to bite and put into their mouths anything that fancies them. You would not want your baby chewing on materials with lead content.   (continued...)

Points To Ponder When Selecting Baby Crib
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About The Author

Robert Thatcher is a freelance publisher based in Cupertino, California. He publishes articles and reports in various ezines and provides baby crib resources on