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Preparing a Sibling For Baby
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Even if she seems excited about the new baby, it is normal for an older sibling to feel neglected after baby has arrived. It may be a rude shock for her not to see a merry playmate but a baby that only sleeps, cries, feeds and pees all the time.

Even if you prepare a sibling for the arrival of a new baby adequately, sibling rivalry reaches its peak after baby's arrival. Don't be surprised if she gets back to thumb-sucking, throws temper tantrums, reverts to baby-talk or wets her pants. It may be attention-seeking behavior. Reassure her you still love her.

If she chooses to ignore the baby, don't force her to do otherwise. Let her take her own time.

We are family

Seek your older child's help to dress, bathe or feed the baby, and let him push her pram. Praise him for his efforts.

Spare some time to be alone with him daily. Do talk about something else other than the baby.

With a little help from you, soon you will be overwhelmed to watch big brother smothering his little sister with all his love and affection.

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Preparing a Sibling For Baby
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