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Selecting Safe and Stylish Newborn and Infant Baby Clothing
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When selecting luxury baby clothes, check what fabric the clothes are made of to ensure the baby clothing is comfortable, flame retardant (when required), warm and won’t react with your child’s sensitive skin. Several baby clothes retailers are bringing out newborn clothes that are made from organic fabrics that are free from bleaches, pesticides, heavy dyes and feature flame-retardant qualities. This fabric is light and allows skin ventilation to keep the skin at an even body temperature while absorbing body moisture. Merino wool is another natural fabric that can feature no added synthetics or unnatural colours. It is an ideal fabric for newborns and is unlike regular wool. This wool is made with a natural method that doesn’t prepare the wool through a chemical process like drenching or scouring. Unlike newborn clothes made from synthetic fibres that may cause overheating, merino wool is an insulating fibre that will keep the body at a constant temperature. Baby clothing with a high absorbency level will keep your baby feeling fresh and dry. A few terms that may feature on baby clothing include Lycra, polyester, cotton flannel, velour, faux fur, swan’s down, Jacquard knit, cotton knit, brushed cotton and interlock knit. Lycra is a synthetic fibre that is made from polymer that contains polyurethane that means it is a very stretchy fabric. Polyester is made with synthetic resins and is known for it’s strong, light and weather resistant qualities. Brush cotton is a fabric that has been brushed to remove lint and other excess fibres to leave the cotton soft and smooth. Jacquard knit is a pattern knit placed into the fabric while going through the manufacturing process. Velour is a felt fabric very much like velvet. Cotton flannel is a name for cotton that is twilled, heavy and features a long plush nap. Also known as Canton flannel or Swan’s down. Faux fur is a fabric that is made to look and feel like animal fur. Interlock knit is a fabric with lots of stretch due to heavily intertwined cotton that will return to the original shape after washing.

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Selecting Safe and Stylish Newborn and Infant Baby Clothing
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