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Three B's of Buying for Baby

 by: Heather Nolte

What could be better than welcoming home a precious newborn? Buying a fabulous new wardrobe for that little one of course! Few can resist the temptation of spoiling a new baby with hip and trendy clothes all designed with the littlest fashionista or heartthrob in mind. As you start your shopping adventure, keep in mind that baby will need the three B's in their wardrobe. That's Bargain, Black Tie, and Boutique.

Let's start with Bargain. Bargain clothes are the "cheap, but comfy-we're not leaving the house today anyway" pieces. These are often layette items and come via hand me downs, baby shower re-gifting, or the clearance rack. They are the old stand-bys that you don't mind getting stained with spit-up, strained peas, or any other baby "goo". However, they are nothing that you would have your uber adorable baby wear as you introduce her to the world. They do come in handy though and are available in 3-packs at your local "big box" retailer. Buy as many of these pieces as you see fit, usually at least 7 items.

On the other side of the wardrobe spectrum is Black Tie. These are the "spent too much, but it's a special occasion and doesn't she look like royalty" outfits. There are so many buttons and bows that you fear diaper changes and the dry cleaning bill even more. Once this frou-frou outfit has been bought and worn, there's only one thing you can do-take pictures, lots of them. Your little cherub will most likely never wear this again and you'll need to immortalize the moment to help justify spending all the grocery money. Plan on buying one-maybe two of these pieces depending on your social calendar and appetite for picture studios. You can find these dresses and suits at specialty stores and especially around the holidays. If you can find something fantastic at your local re-sale shop consider yourself lucky and go for it. And don't forget to take pictures!   (continued...)

Three B's of Buying for Baby
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About The Author

Heather Nolte is the owner and designer of, a mom owned and baby inspired company that features glam clothing for all ages. Glamajama has been featured on the Today Show, Extreme Makeover:Home Edition, ePregnancy, Parents Baby, and Star magazine. Celebrities who have received clothes from Glamajama include Oprah, Britney Spears, Demi Moore, and Kate Hudson. She lives in Austin, TX with her 3 year old son and 1 year old daughter.