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Unusual Baby Names - A Popular Trend
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You can also get some great baby naming ideas from other countries. In Ireland, some of the most popular baby names are Cian, Dylan, and Conor. Germany likes the names Felix and Lucas while Norway prefers Andrian, Sander, and Tobias.

You could even make up your own baby names! Here are some tips on how to come up with original names.

Create a name from two names. You can combine two names that you really like. If you really like Sarah and Beth, you could combine them to form Sarah-Beth. If you like David and Daniel, you could form Daviel.

You could also start spelling names backward to come up with some unique combinations.

Another common technique that is being used is giving a traditional name a different spelling. So David might turn into Dayvid or Sierra could be Cyera.

You might also want to consider naming your child after cities, street names, or landmarks. Montanna, Everest, Shea, Austin, and Dakota all make for great baby names.

Whether you choose a name that expresses family loyalty and tradition or your own flare and originality, it is sure to be an exciting milestone. Take some time to choose a name that your child will enjoy for a lifetime. A name is forever.

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Unusual Baby Names - A Popular Trend
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