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What Should I Buy For Baby—An Experienced Mom’s Advice

 by: Kirsten Hawkins

Baby's coming home soon - have you got what you need to take care of the little angel properly? You know you need footie pajamas and onesies, baby towels and bibs - but how many is enough? Having done this five times now - please hold the applause and gasps of shock - I consider myself a bit of an expert on bringing baby home to a prepared household. Most estimates of 'what you need for baby' are a wee bit off, in my opinion. Having brought baby home both with and without a handy washing machine, here's my recommendations for what the well-equipped baby should have at home before he leaves the hospital.


Four to six undershirts - the usual recommendation - is actually plenty. You'll find you use them far less than I did when my oldest was born - pre-Onesies days. Skip the tank tops, as cute as the little midge might look in one just like daddy's, and go straight for the lap-shoulder t-shirts. They slip on easily, and if you buy them a size or two too big, they'll be long enough to tuck into sweatpants or bottoms.

Sleeping gowns are underrated. They make a great second layer over onesies, and are cool, loose and comfortable for baby in the summer. If you're bringing home a summer baby, pick up at least 6 or 8 sleeping gowns. They're much more comfortable in the heat than stretchies.

You can never have enough onesies. Whether you use them as the bottom layer in winter outfitting or the only thing baby wears in the summer, you'll go through several a day. If you have a washer at home, you can get by with 6-8. Otherwise, pick up even more. An even dozen isn't really too many at all.

- Experienced mom's note: DO use them in the summer. They'll keep your baby cooler than being in a diaper alone because the cotton absorbs moisture and wicks it away from the skin.

Stretchies are the second handiest baby invention ever. Stick with 100% natural fabrics like stretch cotton or cotton terry for the summer. For the winter, fuzzy jammies should go OVER a pair of onesies rather than against the skin to prevent irritation. 6-8 stretchies should be enough for baby's first few months.   (continued...)

What Should I Buy For Baby—An Experienced Mom’s Advice
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About The Author

Kirsten Hawkins is a baby and parenting expert specializing new mothers and single parent issues. Visit for more information on how to raising healthy, happy children.