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What To Do When Your Baby Won’t Wear Clothes!

 by: Kirsten Hawkins

A lot of time and energy goes into clothing your baby during the first year. From the color debate, to the rapid speed at which most infants outgrow their clothing, new parents have their plates full with keeping their babies clean, comfortable and clothed. So what do you do when all of a sudden, the baby doesn't want to wear any clothes at all? How do you deal with the exhibitionist stage of your toddler?

At about fourteen months, your baby will most likely want to romp around in the buff. This is completely normal, and in fact could help a little bit with potty training. Obviously, however, it can be a bit troublesome when trying to introduce social norms, and of course when having company without children over for coffee or lunch. So how does a new parent deal with a naked toddler?

The best thing to do is not discourage this behavior entirely. Set limits about where and when your toddler can be naked and enforce them. It is tedious, but repeatedly re-dressing your toddler may be the best way to get the message across. Keep an especially close eye on your toddler in public. Not just because of the obvious, but because you don't want to lose expensive items like shoes or jackets.   (continued...)

What To Do When Your Baby Won’t Wear Clothes!
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About The Author

Kirsten Hawkins is a baby and parenting expert specializing new mothers and single parent issues. Visit for more information on how to raising healthy, happy children.