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Your Little Chatterbox: Baby's Eighth Month Guide

 by: Michelle Higgins

You have been yearning for your baby to move about and spread cheer. Well, now you might want to reconsider that wish. Your baby is in his eighth month and has started crawling. His growing curiosity will lead him to explore every possible nook and corner.

Milestones in baby's seventh month

Your eight month-old baby can sit all by herself, for longer periods. She can say 'dada' and 'mama', but not always to the right person! Her teeth are erupting and she likes to chew on objects. You can ease her discomfort by giving her cold teething rings to chew on.

She will probably try to reach the feeding bowl, wanting to feed herself. She will turn away her head firmly when she wants to eat no more! She will chatter with immense enthusiasm (though you seem to make no sense of it!). You are now a pro in interpreting your baby's cues.

Destination mouth!

Your inquisitive eight month-old baby finds every object in his way exciting enough to be probed by his mouth! You might be even disgusted to see the range of objects that reach destination mouth. Be careful not to keep any poisonous or sharp objects within his reach.


In baby's eighth month, you can give her some mashed foods (which are coarser) in addition to pureed foods. Feed her mashed potatoes, bananas, carrots, steamed apples or any vegetables. Avoid big chunks, seeds, corn, nuts, grapes and popcorn. They can cause choking. You don't need to add salt or sugar to baby foods.

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Your Little Chatterbox: Baby's Eighth Month Guide
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