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Simply Adorable: Baby Halloween Costumes

 by: Donna Monday

Baby’s first Halloween is a great excuse to take some once-in-a-lifetime photos of your little one dressed up in an adorable costume. If you don’t have the time to make a costume, there are several places online where you’ll find infant Halloween costumes that will have everybody saying “awww”.

==> >> $14.99 - $59.99

Hot Dog Newborn Bunting – your baby may be too young to enjoy a tasty dog, but will still look cute tucked away inside this version of a hot dot and bun.

Ice Cream Cone Newborn Bunting – who can resist a baby dressed as an ice cream cone with sprinkles?

Red Hot Chili Pepper Newborn Bunting – this costume is hot stuff!

Banana Infant – your baby is top banana and you’re proud of it!

Plush Bunny Infant – now we know why someone coined the phrase “cute as a bunny”.

Cuddly Cub Infant – with its cute ears and waggly tail, this costume will roar up some goodies for your little one.

Snowman Infant – What’s black and white and rolly polly all over? Why it’s your very own snowman baby—complete with top hat and scarf.

Little Ducky Romper Infant – teach her how to quack and her bag will quickly fill up with goodies.

Gingerbread Infant – your baby will be cute enough to eat, but instead you’ll shower him with kisses.

Santa Infant – ho ho ho! Christmas comes early with this jolly little fellow.

==> >> $16.99 - $39.99

Scarecrow Infant – this friendly scarecrow seems right at home in the cornfield or in your living room.

Monkey Infant – there’s plenty of fun to be had in this costume—lot’s of monkeying around.   (continued...)

Simply Adorable: Baby Halloween Costumes
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