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Simply Adorable: Baby Halloween Costumes
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Tiger with Sound Infant – this is the cutest tiger you’ve ever seen—press the nose and hear how a small tiger roars for candy.

Rodeo Cowboy Infant – this cowboy will ride out into the Halloween night in real style, wearing animal print pants and vest, with a red scarf to top it off.

Jester Clown Infant – your little one will be the funniest court jester in training.

Lobster Infant – this cute little crustacean is red hot and loving it.

Turtle Infant – kids love turtles and this outfit will be a hit with young and old.

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Peas in a Pod Newborn Bunting – your baby is keeping company with three sweet peas wrapped inside a pod.

Octopus Infant – from under the sea comes these cute little critter costumes—pink for girls and blue for boys.

Fish Infant – these fish are full of color and smiles.

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Baby Chick Newborn Bunting – you’ll get a peep out of this fuzzy yellow bird.

Elephant Newborn Bunting – your baby will be the cutest elephant in the jungle wearing this pink and gray outfit.

Tootsie Roll Newborn Bunting – everybody’s favorite chocolate taffy candy just got sweeter.

Hershey Kiss Infant – wrapped up in silver and ready to give and receive lots of real kisses.

Cat In the Hat Infant – ready to rhyme in time while looking quite fine.

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Simply Adorable: Baby Halloween Costumes
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