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The Training Baby
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He has taught me that adults are so bogged down with trying to wade through life that we can no longer enjoy that which is around us! We walk around and through daily life with chips, worries and problems weighing us down as if the whole world is resting precariously on our backs. Looking at my son, I realize that what we do in life is crazy; we grow older in a manner that builds problems on top of problems. We are all so desperate to be at the top of the ladder as regards material possessions or status, working harder and harder to earn the money to buy the latest in technological advance, so rushed and harried to get there before the next door neighbor that we forget what life is all about. I buy my son toys, I bought him this all singing, all dancing red thing that had mirrors and handles and all sorts of jingling things on it. The lady in the shop told me that it was the most popular toy they had in stock and that it would keep the baby occupied for hours. When I gave it to my son he looked at it with immediate wonderment, picked it up and neatly dropped it over the side of his cot! He is only six months old for ……..sake! Anyway, he dropped it, thus discarding this ultra modern toy from his life and since then he has neither looked at it nor even acknowledged its presence. He loves the remote control though, even better he loves this tiny little one-dollar squeaky toy that looks like a pregnant hippopotamus!

My son taught me that it is only our own fault that we live the way we do, burdened and weighted down. So much pleasure can be gained from so little, yet as adults we want so much more yet never quite reach a degree of satisfaction or happiness that can be maintained for longer than a day!

My son also taught me that he can fill a nappy faster than I can recover from changing the last one, babies really control their parents rather than us controlling them and screaming is the closest emotion to laughing hysterically!

My son also told me to love unhindered and without thought or care for anything else in the world.

Thanks for everything but the pram son!

About The Author

Ieuan Dolby - Author and Webmaster of Seamania. As a Chief Engineer in the Merchant Navy he has sailed the world for fifteen years. Now living in Taiwan he writes about cultures across the globe and life as he sees it.

The Training Baby
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