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Tofu For Baby - Disover How This Amazing Food Can Benefit Your Baby's Diet

 by: Christine Albury

Tofu for baby - discover how this amazing food can benefit

your baby's diet.

Tofu - that's just for vegetarians, right?


Tofu is a highly nutritious food that, rather than being

seen as just an alternative to meat, should be included in

your baby's diet on its own merits!

Tofu is part of the legume family. It is fermented soymilk

curd - the process by which it is made compares to the way

that cheese is made from milk. Tofu is a rich source of

protein, calcium, iron, fibre and fatty acids - key

components for good nutrition.

There are two basic types of tofu - hard/firm tofu, often

used in recipes that needs a consistency which holds

together well - and soft or silken tofu, generally used for

desserts, smoothies, soups and sauces.

Fresh tofu has a sweet aroma when opened - any sour odour

would indicate that it is stale and should not be used for

your baby. It will keep for seven days in the refrigerator

and should be placed in an airtight container of water. It

is, however, essential that the water is changed on a daily

basis. Tofu does not freeze particularly well - upon

defrosting it becomes somewhat spongy in texture and appears



Tofu For Baby - Disover How This Amazing Food Can Benefit Your Baby's Diet
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About The Author

Christine Albury is a mother of four and the author of - helping you become head chef for a very special little customer!