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Tofu For Baby - Disover How This Amazing Food Can Benefit Your Baby's Diet
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You can introduce this versatile and healthy food to your

baby once he/she is at least 8 months of age. (It is

important, however, to be aware that soy is a potential

allergen. When introducing it to your baby for the very

first time, watch carefully for any signs of an allergic

reaction. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, stuffy or runny

nose, watery or red eyes and wheezing. Should you ever

suspect your baby is allergic to a particular type of food,

then contact a medical professional immediately).

It is very easy to incorporate tofu into your baby's diet

because it has very little taste of its own. Instead, it

absorbs the flavours of any foods it comes into contact


Initially, you could try blending tofu with cottage cheese

or avocado, for a simple, nutritious meal. Soft tofu creamed

with fruit would make a delicious dessert for baby.

Alternatively, tofu can be cut into chunks and served to

your baby raw, as a healthy finger food.

Taking into account tofu's extensive nutritional properties,

along with its versatility, it would clearly provide a very

worthwhile boost to most babies' diets.

About The Author

Christine Albury is a mother of four and the author of - helping you become head chef for a very special little customer!

Tofu For Baby - Disover How This Amazing Food Can Benefit Your Baby's Diet
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